Hand & Wrist Fractures in Washington, DC

With just under 30 bones in the hand and wrist, fractures are quite common. As a fellowship trained hand and peripheral nerve specialist, John R. Barbour, MD, FACS, is a uniquely qualified, triple board-certified plastic surgeon who offers treatments for hand and wrist fractures experienced by the residents of the Washington DC area, including Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and surrounding communities in Virginia.

What are Hand and Wrist Fractures?

The human hand and wrist is comprised of 27 bones, a fairly large number considering how small the hands are in comparison to other areas of the body. These bones work together to allow you to perform the most delicate of tasks, and you rely on your hands and wrists almost every minute of the day. Fractures to one or more of the bones have significant impacts on your daily activities. Without treatment, fractures of the hands and wrists can cause long-term complications.

What Causes Hand and Wrist Fractures?

A fracture is defined as a break or crack in a bone. Some of the most common ways that people fracture the bones in their hands and wrists are:

  • Falling
  • Car accidents and other types of trauma
  • Overextending the joints
  • Direct impact, such as dropping a heavy object on your fingers
  • Sports-related impact injuries

How are Hand and Wrist Fractures Diagnosed?

Your symptoms and a physical examination will tell Dr. Barbour if you have a hand and wrist fracture, but imaging tests are needed to determine the exact location and extent of the injury. Signs that you may have a fracture are:

  • Loss of movement in the fingers
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Tenderness when touched
  • Numbness
  • Acute pain that worsens when you move your hand and wrist or squeeze and object
  • Bruising

About Hand and Wrist Fractures Treatment

Treatment for hand and wrist fractures depends on the nature of the injury. In some cases, Dr. Barbour may be able to place a cast on your injury in the comfort of our office. For other, more complex injuries surgery may be the best option. After many hand and wrist injuries Dr. Barbour will work closely with you and a certified hand therapist to ensure you regain maximum strength and flexibility.

Hand and wrist fractures affect patients of all ages in the Washington, DC area, including Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and surrounding communities in Virginia. Contact Barbour Plastic Surgery to schedule a personal consultation and learn more about treatment options.